You Missed Your Unemployment Hearing

In Massachusetts, when a claimant (person) fails to attend their unemployment hearing there can be harsh consequences.  A claimant would be well-advised to consult with Attorney Murphy or any other unemployment lawyer BEFORE submitting the reasons for why he/she failed to attend the hearing.

For example, one claimant did not realize the Department of Unemployment Assistance (“DUA”) sent a hearing notice via email despite the fact the claimant selected email notification.  Thus, the individual never received notice of the hearing and therefore, failed to attend.

When the DUA requested the claimant’s reasons for not attending the hearing, the claimant did not provide a proper basis for the DUA to reopen the case.  Now, the claimant has very limited options and may need to pay back over $13,000.00 despite the fact the individual may have prevailed at the hearing.

If you have any questions, Attorney Murphy can advise you on the “proper basis” in this situation.  Also, claimants should be advised there are strict deadlines to request a new hearing or appeal an adverse determination.

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