Trial Success: Employer Liable for Racial Discrimination/Wrongful Termination

After nearly 6.5 years of litigation at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (“MCAD”), Attorney Murphy’s client prevailed against his former employer, Rte. 2 Hyundai in Leominster, MA.  During the 2 day trial, Attorney Murphy successfully proved that the employer’s basis for termination was actually pretext to hide its racial animus against the client, an African American car salesman.  The Commission Hearing Officer found Rte. 2 contradicted itself with respect to its reasons for terminating Attorney Murphy’s client.  The Hearing Officer then concluded Rte. 2’s contradictions amounted to a cover-up for illegal racial discrimination.  See Daye v. Rte. 2 Hyundai, Docket no. 13-WEM-00440, Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (2019).

Significantly, during the 6.5 years of litigation Attorney Murphy made several attempts to settle the case on behalf of his client, but the employer opted instead for a “rigorous defense”.  Now, the employer is ordered to pay Attorney Murphy’s client lost wages, $50,000.00 for emotional distress, and all attorney’s fees and costs.

Attorney Murphy’s client can finally rest easy knowing that justice was served.


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