Litigation Success: Landlord Ordered to Pay $66,600.70

Attorney Murphy is pleased to have secured a $66,600.70 judgment in favor of his clients, two tenants in Medford, MA.  Attorney Murphy filed a complaint in Boston Housing Court (Eastern Housing Court) alleging breach of the implied warranty of habitability, breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment, retaliation, violation of the Massachusetts Security Deposit law and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  Attorney Murphy’s clients prevailed on all counts and were also awarded costs and attorney’s fees as mandated under the applicable laws.

Significantly, Attorney Murphy offered to resolve the matter on behalf of his clients for a  reasonable amount, but the landlord (represented by counsel) clearly failed to appreciate the circumstances of the matter by rejecting the offer.

See Roush, et. al v. Lahey, et. al, Docket No. 18H84CV000236 (Eastern Housing Court, MA 2019).


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