Human Resource Manager Vindicated

Recently, Attorney Murphy’s client, former human resources manager of a reputable k-12 mathematics program, received a favorable decision after a highly contentious unemployment hearing.  The unemployment office initially denied the client’s claim stating that the client resigned because he disagreed with work policies or the method of operations of the employer.  As such, the unemployment office determined that this was the client’s fault and denied his claim. The client appealed.

The client then retained Attorney Murphy. Attorney Murphy advised the client that there were several complicated issues to overcome.  Specifically, Attorney Murphy found that in order to reverse the decision it must be established that the employer’s actions caused the client to resign.

At the unemployment hearing, Attorney Murphy quickly took aim at the employer’s alleged adverse treatment of his client.  Attorney Murphy’s aggressive, unyielding cross-examination resulted in inconsistent testimony from the employer.  Compared to the client’s consistent and credible testimony it became apparent there were major holes in the employer’s case.  Finally, the unemployment office concluded that the client made every effort to preserve his job and that essentially, the client resigned with good cause attributable to the employer.

Attorney Murphy is very pleased with the outcome of this case.  The client felt vindicated and is now able to move forward knowing the resignation was not his fault.

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