Pro Bono Matters: Preventive Measures in the Workplace

Recently, Attorney Murphy took on a pro bono unemployment matter for a client who did not deserve to be fired.  The client was a case manager at a Boston area hospital.  The client’s former supervisor accused the client of being insubordinate and disrespectful.  Attorney Murphy believed the client to be a credible and hard-working individual.  At the unemployment hearing, Attorney Murphy, through direct examination of the client, asked several questions which made it abundantly clear that the client did not act inappropriately.  Thereafter, the review examiner ruled in favor of the client and found that the hospital failed to establish its case.

Attorney Murphy believes the supervisor in this case simply did not like the client and lied. Attorney Murphy notes that employees experiencing hardships in the workplace from either a co-worker or supervisor should contact human resources to protect themselves before the situation becomes worse.

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