5th Annual Housing Court Judicial Forum Is Noteworthy

Recently, Attorney Murphy attended the 5th Annual Housing Court Judicial Forum, held at the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education Center (MCLE) in Boston, MA.  Among the distinguished panel of judges were the Honorable Anne Kenney Chaplin; Honorable Marylou Muirhead; Chief Justice of the Housing Court, Honorable Steven D. Pierce; and Honorable Timothy F. Sullivan.  The panel of judges mainly discussed the business of the Housing Court in Massachusetts.  Topics ranged from the Lawyer for the Day Program in the Worcester Housing Court, self-service centers in Housing Court, the utility of limited assistance representation (LAR), issues related to post-foreclosure evictions, and the expansion of the Housing Court jurisdiction to cover all of Massachusetts.  The judges also provided invaluable insight with regard to the nuances of practicing law in housing court.  For example, the panel of judges agreed that the security deposit law can be difficult for landlords to understand, and attorneys should ensure landlords are well advised as to the adverse liabilities of non-compliance.

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