Pro Bono Matters

Recently, Attorney Murphy volunteered at the Boston Bar Association’s Attorney for the Day Table at Boston Housing Court.  Attorney Murphy took on, pro bono, representation of a Dorchester family being evicted for non-payment of rent.  The family owed over $7000 in back rent.  Upon discussing matters with the family, Attorney Murphy became appalled at the bad living conditions in their apartment.  The family provided Attorney Murphy with evidence of sanitary code violations from Boston inspectional services, pictures of mice, and of course their first-hand account of the deplorable conditions in the apartment.  Thereafter, Attorney Murphy approached the landlord’s attorney and in a matter of minutes Attorney Murphy persuaded the landlord to dismiss the case, forgive any and all back rent due, and allow the tenants to move out at their earliest convenience.  Attorney Murphy’s clients agreed to waive their counterclaims and were very satisfied with the outcome.

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