Aggressively Defending LGBT and Minority Tenant Rights

Last week, Attorney Murphy successfully defended two black, lesbian tenants against their landlord.  The landlord told the women on their second day in the apartment that they had to move out or face eviction.  Attorney Murphy’s clients believed the landlord did not like the fact they were a black, lesbian couple.  The landlord did not realize Attorney Murphy’s clients were black and lesbian because a broker handled the lease agreement.  Interestingly, when the landlord arrived to welcome Attorney Murphy’s clients, the landlord exclaimed I cannot have you people living in my apartment in these kind of conditions.  The landlord then issued Attorney Murphy’s clients a 30 day notice to quit on their tenancy-at-will.  Attorney Murphy immediately contacted the landlord demanding an explanation of her statement and threatened an aggressive defense if the landlord attempted to evict his clients.  Subsequently, the landlord’s attorney contacted Attorney Murphy and Attorney Murphy demanded that the landlord pay his clients a sizeable sum of money for the alleged discriminatory act.  Attorney Murphy counseled his clients throughout this process and they eventually decided it would be in their best interest to move-out.  The money Attorney Murphy secured for his clients in this case was tantamount to damages in a court of law and went a long way towards correcting the alleged wrong here as well as relocation expenses.

Attorney Murphy advised his clients in this case that despite the fact they would likely prevail in an eviction action, it was not worth their time or sacrifice to their quality of life by remaining in the apartment.  Instead, Attorney Murphy advised his clients to take the money and move out in lieu of dealing with their landlord any longer.

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