Unjust or Wrongful Termination

Attorney Murphy believes employees must understand their rights when dealing with a termination or lay-off.  For example, State and Federal law provides legal recourse for individuals who may have been unlawfully terminated.  Attorney Murphy’s legal counsel is comprehensive and begins with ensuring his clients receive unemployment benefits. Thereafter, Attorney Murphy works with his clients to determine whether an unjust discharge occurred.

Attorney Murphy has successfully brought lawsuits on behalf of clients for wrongful termination; and has settled numerous five and six figure discrimination and breach of contract cases.  Attorney Murphy zealously represents his clients whom have been wronged in the workplace.  Thus, Attorney Murphy believes there is no excuse for unlawfully harming an individual’s livelihood; furthermore, individuals should be able to work without harassment, discrimination, or bullying.  Attorney Murphy is compassionate for all his client’s unique set of circumstances and provides first-class legal counsel in their time of need.

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