Good Reasons to Quit? Seek Counsel First

Recently, Attorney Murphy’s legal representation in an unemployment case resulted in a favorable outcome for his client, a salesman who worked over 30 years for his former employer.  Unfortunately, the former employer subjected Attorney Murphy’s client to mistreatment and other adverse action throughout most of this time.  This resulted in severe emotional distress and Attorney Murphy’s client had no choice but to quit.  Thereafter, Attorney Murphy’s client applied for unemployment benefits but was denied because it appeared the reason for his resignation did not meet the requirements of the unemployment law, despite the mistreatment involved.

After interviewing his client, Attorney Murphy discovered a critical piece of evidence which ultimately overturned the case.  Attorney Murphy determined that the former employer docked his client’s wages as a disciplinary action.  Subsequently, Attorney Murphy’s direct examination of his client at the administrative hearing focused on the circumstances surrounding the docked pay and it became readily apparent that the former employer’s actions were a punitive measure.  Accordingly, the administrative examiner found that the client’s reason for quitting met the requirements of the unemployment law.  C&S Candy Co. Inc. v. Orent, Docket No.: 633657.

Attorney Murphy notes that individuals should obtain a legal consultation to understand their employment rights before quitting.  In this case, Attorney Murphy would have examined all his client’s options prior to quitting as well as determined whether his client would experience difficulties in receiving unemployment benefits.

Attorney Murphy’s legal fees for unemployment assistance representation are flexible and in some special circumstances, free of charge.

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