Divorce 101: Get Legal Advice

Recently, Attorney Murphy represented his client at a divorce proceeding in the Boston Probate Court.  At issue was a de minimis property division between the husband and wife.  Therefore, both husband and wife believed they could easily settle their differences prior to court.  This turned out, however, not to be the case.

Subsequently, Attorney Murphy contacted opposing party’s attorney to resolve the issues, but opposing party refused.  At the divorce proceeding, opposing party’s lawyer portrayed Attorney Murphy’s client in an unfavorable light, but Attorney Murphy rehabilitated his client’s good character by presenting evidence of his client’s good faith attempt to resolve the property dispute.  Thereafter, Attorney Murphy negotiated a court approved deal satisfactory to both parties, however, at more cost.  See Levere v. Stokes, Docket No: 12D1573.

Attorney Murphy urges individuals to take preventative action and understand your rights by consulting an attorney to avoid unnecessary costs.

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