Trial Success: Landlord’s Contractual Rights Protected

Last week, Attorney Murphy’s client received a favorable judgment from a bench trial in Boston’s Housing Court.  Attorney Murphy’s client, a landlord, sought eviction of his tenant after nearly six months of nonpayment of rent.  Upon assessing the merits of the case, Attorney Murphy advised his client to work with the tenant in an attempt to avoid eviction.  Indeed, Attorney Murphy prefers negotiating settlements between parties as opposed to eviction, but in this case the landlord had no other option where the tenant failed to provide evidence of earned income.  Accordingly, Attorney Murphy advised the landlord throughout the eviction process and commenced suit to secure his contractual rights under the lease.  Thereafter, Attorney Murphy successfully presented the landlord’s case at trial and secured a judgment in his favor.  See Babics v. Limardo, Docket No: 13H84SP000572.

Attorney Murphy notes this case represents an unfortunate circumstance of an individual being evicted from their residence, but also underscores the good faith of a property owner with no other option. 

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