Pro Bono Matters

Recently, one of Attorney Murphy’s pro bono clients received a much deserved win in her unemployment benefit case against Kentucky Fried Chicken (“KFC”).  Andrade v. KFC, Docket no: 624245.  Attorney Murphy argued at the unemployment hearing that KFC wrongfully terminated his client, Ms. Andrade, a former restaurant manager.  KFC blamed Ms. Andrade for mismanagement of inventory and misreporting budget reports.  Attorney Murphy successfully turned the tables on KFC by establishing that they actually directed the actions in question, and that Ms. Andrade had no control over the circumstances.  Furthermore, Attorney Murphy argued the evidence did not support KFC’s explanation for their termination of his client.  Accordingly, Attorney Murphy established KFC implemented a flawed disciplinary action against Ms. Andrade.  The Department of Unemployment Assistance (“DUA”) agreed and found Ms. Andrade eligible to receive monetary benefits.

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