Inept Management Proves Costly

Last week Attorney Murphy provided unemployment pro bono representation to a handicapped client who was terminated from his job as a food runner in Fenway Park. Adams v. Aramark Sports LLC, Docket No. 595929.  Attorney Murphy’s client, Mr. Adams, was terminated because he missed a day of work.  Mr. Adams incorrectly believed his work shift was cancelled because of bad weather conditions, which would have cancelled the Red Sox game that day. Unfortunately, the game was not cancelled, and Mr. Adams was subsequently terminated.

After evaluating the case and believing the employer allegedly committed wrong-doing in this matter, Attorney Murphy forged a bullet-proof case centered on Mr. Adam’s outstanding integrity and attributes as a dedicated, caring employee.  Attorney Murphy successfully guided Mr. Adam’s testimony in direct examination such that the Department of Unemployment Assistance (“DUA”) concluded Mr. Adams was not “’consciously aware’ that he was violating any employer policy or rule or that he intentionally did not report to work and did not call the employer about his absence” on the day in question.  Accordingly, Attorney Murphy’s client was vindicated.

Attorney Murphy now shifts his attention to the merits of a larger lawsuit against Aramark on behalf of Mr. Adams.

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