Pro Bono Matters

Attorney Murphy’s pro bono representation of low income citizens of the Commonwealth resulted in another favorable outcome in the matter of Colon v. Crittenton’s Union, Inc., BR-120635.  Attorney Murphy’s client, Ms. Colon, a former case manager for Crittenton’s Union, sustained a gun shot wound and upon returning to work was unable to complete patient paperwork due to trauma.  After several months passed, the employer
demanded Ms. Colon complete the paperwork.  When Ms. Colon could not complete the paperwork because so much time passed and she could not recall the relevant information, the employer fired Ms. Colon.  Subsequently, the Division of Unemployment Assistance approved Ms. Colon’s claim for unemployment benefit compensation, but the employer successfully appealed.  Attorney Murphy represented Ms. Colon throughout this process; and advised Ms. Colon in her appeal to the Board of Review.  Attorney Murphy argued that Ms. Colon did not possess the requisite state of mind to disqualify her for deliberate misconduct in willful disregard of the employer’s interest as defined in G.L. c. 151A § 25(e)(2). The Board of Review agreed and reversed in favor of Ms. Colon.

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